Main Street West Virginia is a downtown revitalization program focusing on economic development, historic preservation and marketing principles. Our firm provides technical assistance in the field of design to selected Main Street towns. We produce conceptual drawings including streetscapes on a request basis from participating Main Street towns. In conjunction with design, our firm participates in resource team visits and workshops on request from the towns in the Main Street program.

Main Street West Virginia towns receive training in the four points of economic restructuring, design, promotions and organization. Our firm provides design assistance to property owners through illustrative conceptual sketches of a building, technical assistance, material selection and all facets of design within a historic preservation context.



Being involved in the restoration of a building is exciting to every historic preservationist. True restoration of a structure involves depicting it at a particular period of time in its history, while removing evidence of other periods. Our firm has been involved in numerous restorations, and compliance with The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties is always used as a guideline when working with our client.

Kanawha County Courthouse

Design / Construction

For new design and construction as well as design involving the preservation and reuse of existing buildings, our firm teams up with various architects. These full service architectural firms are committed to sensitive planning and design involving the preservation and reuse of existing buildings, and the integral design of new structures within existing communities. These architectural practices combined with our historic preservation expertise result in a blend of contemporary compatibility and historic accuracy in an integration of old and new.