Design Guidelines address issues of maintenance, rehabilitation and new construction within a community. Usually, prior to the development and implementation of design guidelines, a community has determined through Historic Resource Surveys, National Register nominations and other tools, that they have historic resources that require protection and promotion. Design Guidelines are intended to assist property owners in maintaining, rehabilitating, repairing and adding to historic buildings while respecting the original significant character of the resource. Guidelines are generally written to allow for individual application and flexibility for owners, while retaining the important architectural features of the resource. Guidelines are developed to follow the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation Projects developed by the National Park Service and are used by various state and federal agencies for review and approval of governmental projects that affect historic resources. By coordinating the two, guidelines and Standards, projects can take advantage of benefits available for historic properties.

Feasibility / Facility Studies

Feasibility and/or facility studies are conducted on historic buildings to determine the existing conditions, extent of physical repairs and, often, to determine a future use for the building. Many times a study is done in cooperation with engineers, hazardous materials contractors and others. We can tailor the team to your specific needs. Our firm has conducted many feasibility studies from small railroad depots to large municipal building.

Training / Advising

Our company provides training in the area of historic preservation to organizations, individuals, and community groups. Specifically, we provide training to Historic Landmark Commissions, Main Street communities and municipalities. We have assisted Historic Landmarks Commissions in determining a historic preservation plan and activities. We advise Historic Landmarks Commissions on an on-going basis to protect the extant resources of historic and architectural significance in their community and county. We provide the same service to several municipalities and also assist them with zoning, design review ordinances, signage ordinances and other design issues that relate to historic preservation.