Assessments: Conservation Assessments

Conservation Assessments

Ashland, KY

The Kentucky Highlands Museum has been successfully functioning in their present location since 1994. They have been in operation since 1984. They renovated and occupied portions of the historic Parsons Department Store in downtown Ashland Kentucky when the building became available.

Due to the circumstances of their occupancy, the building has not been utilized to the fullest extent possible, and there is a surplus of available space. The Museum is anticipating a major rehabilitation project where the unused spaces will be converted to an income producing function. At the same time, rehabilitation of some of the spaces that the Museum currently uses and repairs to systems will be undertaken.

Our report covered all of the issues relevant to an assessment, including general information, staffing, building and facilities, climate control and environment, collections and collection policies, exhibitions, storage and emergency preparedness, and a prioritized summary of needs.