Assessments: 106 Review

106 Review Report

Wheeling, WV

The undertaking that was the impetus for this report consisted of a plan for the redevelopment of the waterfront in this vicinity.

The purpose of this report was to review the sites within the project boundaries, identify those that are significant and listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, and identify those that may be impacted by the undertaking. The impact on these sites by the undertaking was to be evaluated and recommendations proposed for future actions to mitigate the impact, if any.

Following the determination of significance, our team worked with the design team to coordinate the undertaking and the extant significant resources. The resources were evaluated to determine the effect that the undertaking would have on them. Following this, recommendations were developed to address the effects.

We prepared the final report and submitted it to the State Historic Preservation Office describing the project, the project area, the survey and results of the work and recommendations on the further disposition of mitigating activities when the project was ready to proceed into the contract document and construction phases.